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FastBid is an imaging system tailored for construction documents that was developed here at Builders Exchange of Washington Inc. for the purpose of putting all of our plans online. We're online and are now offering the system for you to use on your web site.

If you've tried FastBid then you have already found out that the client viewer is free. It works with Mozilla 1.1 or higher and MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on Win98/XP. If you utilize FastBid you can take images from a scanner or converted from CAD and link to them from your web site. Then using the free client viewer, anyone who has your password can view, print and measure the drawings.

Speed is key. The images are in a special format on the server to allow progressive retrieval without the need for server software. Progressive retrieval allows the image to display quickly and then data continues to be retrieved in the background for clarity when you zoom in. There is no need to wait for the entire image to be retrieved before using the drawing, because when you zoom on an area of the drawing the viewer concentrates on that area and clears up the view within seconds. After a few minutes the entire image will have been retrieved at high resolution and then there will be no delay at all, no matter where you zoom in.

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